Joanna’s Tea Party Eggs-travaganza

Who: Joanna Gordon
Where: Her House in Brunswick, NJ
How many guests: 10
What time of year: Spring (weekend before Easter)
Reason: Tea Party Eggs-travaganza for her daughter’s 7th birthday

A springtime tea party is always a treat but when you’re seven years old it is a fairy tale. That is exactly the way Joanna wanted her daughter to feel as she celebrated another special birthday so she pulled out all the stops for the event.

When I heard that even the sandwiches were cut into fun springtime shapes, I knew this had to be quite the party. Check it out!

Joanna says:

My daughter’s birthday lands just before Easter so when she asked for a tea party themed party this year it just made sense to incorporate the holiday into what we later deemed a “Tea Party Eggs-travagenza.”

I was working on a budget so most of the decor was do-it-yourself. By using old flowerpots, basket filling, and plastic flowers I found at the dollar store, I created decorative centerpieces that added color and playfulness to the room. The treat baskets, menus, and place cards were all made by hand as well. This was all arranged on a polka dot table cloth along with china pieces that created an authentic tea party experience.

On the invitation we asked that the guests come in their “Sunday Best.” The array of springtime dresses and tea time accessories such as gloves, purses, and hats that filled the room added to the overall ambience.  Once they each received their boa, pearls, lip gloss and rings (which they took home) they were a precious sight to see.

I tried to keep the foods simple and age appropriate for the girls that were attending.  To start we had Easter deviled eggs, fresh fruit and mini croissants.  We also had bowls of chips, pretzels and mini donut holes.  The main course was a choice between Bologna and Cheese Tulips, Peanut Butter and Jelly Butterflies, and Mini Hot Dogs.  I used cookie cutters to shape the sandwiches and they were a huge hit.

Continuing the theme into dessert, we had birthday cupcakes, Springtime Sugar Cookies, and Flower Pot Ice Cream.  These were my favorite; I bought small flower pot holders and filled them with chocolate or vanilla ice cream and then added sprinkles on top.

For games, I decorated the sidewalk with springtime colored chalk.  We had hopscotch, tic tac toe and other outdoor games. My favorite part of Easter is the easter egg hunt, so of course it needed to be incorporated in the party.  My husband hid candy-filled eggs all around the house then each guest was given an easter egg basket and set off to collect their goodies.

Before the girls left, I took the basket centerpieces and did a photo shoot against the garden backdrop.  Later I used the pictures from the shoot on the thank you cards. It was a really special day and I was glad everyone had a keepsake from it.

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